Print Pricing

Prints are from both film and digital and are limited editions. Number of series can run from one (1) print to (50) fifty.

Why purchase a "Limited Edition" print?

Film Prints Process by Hand
Images printed from film are hand printed in the darkroom sizes are:
6x9 ~ $175.00 print only - mat & framed add $295.00
8x10 ~ $250.00 print only - mat & framed add $375.00
11x14 ~ $300.00 print only - mat & framed add $475.00

Digitally Printed Prints are print with Archival Pigment inks and are printed on Archival papers. Prints, sizes from 11x17 to 24x36

Digital and custom sizes and pricing are available on request.

For signed, dated and numbered prints add $200.00 to prices.


Abbott has had a love affair with photography for more than forty years.  Abbott's photographic expertise includes architecture, advertising, catalogs, fashion, photo essays and portraits, including weddings and nude portraiture.  Abbott's work has been shown and sold in galleries in the United States, Europe and Japan, garnering several awards in the United States and abroad. 

His art training began in the 1960s with a foundation in Fine Art at the Laguna School of Art and Design (Laguna Beach, CA) then Chouinards Art School (Los Angeles, CA) where his discovery of photography came about.  Abbott moved to San Francisco and continued his photography studies at the Academy of Art and the Art Institute (San Francisco, CA) in the 1970s

"A photographer’s negatives and files are, in a sense, his autobiography. More resides there than he is aware of… As fragmentary and incomplete as the archaeologist's pot sherds, they can be no less telling.” No matter what the viewer sees, one thing is certain: Abbott’s photographs are not only documents of his life. More importantly, they serve as documents of our general existence and the life that surrounds us.
Abbott chooses to photograph from his heart, which is very different than working with his head. When he sees a scene that stirs his soul, he photographs it. That is how he has been making images for over forty years, he has come to instinctively see texture, light, and shadow in a value scale as well as the composition - which creates a satisfying photograph to him personally. He’s always glad when it’s well received by others.

"The objective here is to get people to see their surroundings in a different way, and not just by taking a quick look but looking deep into what is there and seeing the subject in more than one way".


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