400 Rhett Street, Installation January, 2015

400 Rhett Exterior Sign
The structure of the bridge was
incorporated in the numbers and letters for the exterior sign. As you study this photo, you will see the structure..
400 Rhett Lobby Interior,
Liberty Bridge Structure 12X24 feet.
The image of the structure of the Liberty Bridge
was printed on special wall paper for the installation.
400 Rhett Street, Panels.
There are 5 panels on Acrylic Lucite that are lit up from the back side of the panels at night.
400 Rhett Street, Panels at night.
Many Experiments using Different Techniques.
400 Rhett Street, Panels at night.
From early drawing with pen and ink, block prints, and ideas for Stained glass.
400 Rhett Street, Panels at night.
Sculptures, using Acrylic and Aluminum Extrusion.

Southerlin Family Eye Care, Greenville, February, 2017

"View From The Liberty Bridge"
3 Piece panel, taken from the bridge 2014. Each panel is 24" X 36"
Installation in Dr. Southerlin office.
Original image
Before I turned it in to a three-piece panel..

District West Apartment Complex, Greenville March 2017

24 piece tiled Medusa Tree
Falls Park Greenville
The 24 pieces each tile is 8 X 8 inches and printed on metal. Giving the over all image a 3D Look.
Mockup Concept for 24 piece tiled
Meduse Tree.
The concept for the Medusa Tree, I had hung on the wall in my studio when Lindsay Clark interior decorate for the new District West Apartment Complex saw it.
Rusty Tin Building with Fog Horn
Moss Landing, CA
Lindsay also picked this image for District West.

Cherry Bekaert Accounting Firm, Greenville. March 2017

Winter, Liberty Bridge
3 piece panel printed on canvas, the panels are 44" X 48" each.
Getting ready for installation
Lobby of Cherry bekaert Accounting Firm, panels ready for hanging.
Installation Complete.
Office staff admiring their new art work.

Hogue Chirporactic, Greenville. May 2018

Waiting room at Dr. Hogue's office
The Original Medusa Tree Concept. Also a print from Jekyll Island.
"A View From The Bridge"
24 X 36 Black and White print of "View From The Bridge"
Treatment room
Jekkyll Island print and "Lost Sanctuary" .

AID Upstate, Greenville. June 2018

Liberty Bridge Study # 4 and 5
Liberty Bridge study # 4 and 5 24" X 36" in floating frame. Greg Campbell's office
Liberty Bridge panel's printed on Acrylic
Panels installed in hallway at at AID Upstate.