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William Abbott, photographer, has passionately embraced a career in this art form for over Forty years. His expertise in capturing form and function has been expressed through photos in many venues, including architecture, advertising, portraiture, fashion and product. this website is a showcase his personal work between 1970 and 2015.

Little known facts about gallery patrons or how one views photographs.

While I was standing outside a photography gallery in New York, and saw a group of photography students timing how long people spent inside. From the moment they entered the door, to the moment they exited.

The total time spent was divided by the total number of photographs, to calculate the average time spent per photograph. To their amazement the average person spent just 2.7 seconds per photograph.
So please have pity on the poor photographer, who sweats bullets over their finished print, to get the tone of the print just perfect, only to have audience glance at their work with less focus than they do tying their shoes.

As the photographer may feel somewhat cheated out of the attention that the image deserve. So it's the audience that cheat's it's self.
But if looked at properly the audience sees what the photograph has to offer them.

Take your time in the gallery and enjoy your time spent, remember that you don't want to cheat yourself out of what you may find here.

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